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Founded in 2010, The Tarpeggios, affectionately known about campus as the Tarps, are a mixed-voice a cappella group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Though still a relatively new group, the Tarps have developed their own unique music style and become a distinct part of the Carolina a cappella community. We enjoy singing all around campus, the surrounding community, and throughout North Carolina at many UNC events, weddings, arts festivals, sporting events, and more. We also compete in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCAs), and have won 2nd place in the semifinals 2 years in a row! The Tarps pride themselves on creating a space where individuals from all backgrounds can come together and find family, both through music and beyond with our many trips, retreats, and socials. We have released two albums, Carolina State of Mind and The Teal Album, which can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. We've also released singles such as G Train and Before He Cheats, and plan to release more soon!

Our plans for the upcoming year include the release of our ICCA EPs, performing a fall concert, and preparing for future competition!

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